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Ninja Warrior PDF Print E-mail
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Extra Dose
Written by Jeff   
Friday, 26 February 2010 12:22
There's a new passion & obsession in my life. Yeah, yeah, my wife is pregnant, but I'll deal with that later. I'm talking about Ninja Warrior. It's a show from Japan, which presents the ultimate obstacle course. Sasuke -- as it's known in Japan -- began in 1997. The event consists of 4 stages of increasingly difficult challenges.

In the US, Ninja Warrior airs on the G4 channel. Unfortunately, there is a delay between when it takes place, and when it airs here. Some of you might already be familiar with G4. I wasn't, and just recently started getting the channel. Originally, G4's main focus was pretty much only video games. But as the channel has gotten more popular, it now shows movies & many different types of shows. Some of it's other popular programs are Attack of the Show!, X-Play, Movies That Don't Suck, Web Soup and Unbeatable Banzuke (which is somewhat similar to Ninja Warrior, but focuses on competitors with specific skills). It's a very original & unique channel. I'm really glad I get it now. More than anything I've mentioned so far, the best reason to tune in to G4, is Olivia Munn. She is a goddess, with nerdy attributes to match. If you don't know who I'm talking about, you need to Google her. You'll thank me later.

Okay, back to Ninja Warrior. Most competitions begin with 100 competitors. The first stage is the longest, and focuses on balance and agility. The second stage is the shortest, and focuses on speed. The intensity and difficulty really gets turned up in the third stage. Very few have completed this stage. Competitors need incredible back & grip strength, and very strong muscle endurance. The fourth -- and final -- stage is more simplified, but it's the hardest. It has evolved over the years, but basically it's a straight-up rope climb with a very short time limit. Through the first 24 competitions, of the over 5,000 attempts, there have only been 3 men to defeat all four stages: Kazuhiko Akiyama (4th), Makoto Nagano (17th) and Yuuji Urushihara (24th).

If this sounds interesting, you should definitely start checking it out. Just this week they started replaying the competitions from the very beginning. They are currently showing the 4th competition. If you've never seen it before, watch the video below for a little taste. It's a quick little special on five Ninja Warrior All-Stars: Makoto Nagano, Toshihiro Takeda, Shingo Yamamoto, Bunpei Shiratori and Katsumi Yamada (Kazuhiko Akiyama is also an All-Star, but he isn't shown in this clip).

New GIF - Yippee! PDF Print E-mail
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Extra Dose
Written by Jeff   
Thursday, 18 February 2010 11:21
Yes, you read correctly, there's some very exciting happenings on URDD. I added a new GIF to the Randomness section to your left. I like to think, that no matter how old I get, I will always enjoy & appreciate crotch-related humor. Plus, throw in a really cute dog, and you've got comedy gold. I don't want to read too much into this GIF. But in my mind, I think the dog was terrified that a sniper was about to shoot his owner, and he was trying to take a bullet for him. Maybe not. I'm just glad my wife is okay with the fact that she married a man with an 11-year-old's sense of humor. Enjoy!

2 chickens break up rabbit fight! PDF Print E-mail
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Extra Dose
Written by Jeff   
Wednesday, 03 February 2010 21:23
I guarantee you've never said that sentence before. This was so completely random, that I felt compelled to put it up. I just got finished watching an old Pride MMA fight on YouTube. And this video automatically started playing next. So odd...it cracked me up. Enjoy all 26 seconds of it.

Prank Gone Wrong & A Ballin' Reporter PDF Print E-mail
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Extra Dose
Written by Jeff   
Wednesday, 27 January 2010 10:37
So the idea was to pull a prank on the Girl's Basketball Coach, Joel Branstrom. Up for grabs were Final Four tickets. All he had to do was make a half-court shot...blindfolded. Everyone in attendance was in on it. When he inevitably misses the shot, they were told to pretend like he made it & go crazy. The plan was foolproof. Right? Because there's no way in the World he's gonna make a half-court shot, blindfolded. Right?

It almost went perfectly. There was just one problem...

Obviously, he made the shot. Crazy! The problem being, they didn't really have Final Four tickets to give him. Apparently, Joel was pretty cool about everything & had a good sense of humor about it. And now, since the story has gotten so much attention; some Final Four tickets have been donated to him. Good for him, he deserved them.

But wait, there's more...

When all the dust had settled, and everyone was gone. Local Kansas City TV reporter, Rob Low, was covering the story. And like all local news coverage, there had to be a gimmick or stunt involved. Normally, it's a reporter milking a cow, while reporting about a milk recall, or some shit like that. In this case, of course, while Rob -- by the way, no relation to Rob Lowe, star of the 1986 classic, Youngblood -- is doing his report, he throws up a half-court shot too.

But something unexpected happened...

I don't want to brag, but I'm pretty famous... PDF Print E-mail
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Extra Dose
Written by Jeff   
Wednesday, 20 January 2010 09:51

I put something about this up on facebook yesterday. But I thought I'd put it up here too, for the 3 of you that come here & don't use facebook. I work in the post-production department of Artisan PictureWorks in Atlanta. So I normally don't work on the production side, but recently I helped out as a cameraman for a C-SPAN program we were shooting. It was pretty fun, but sort of boring. Unless you like listening to a bunch of economists talk for a couple of hours.

Then, a couple of days later, I was watching The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Which by the way, is pretty much the only show out there that calls bullshit on both sides, so I like it. And what doth my eyes behold? Footage I shot, used in a montage in a Daily Show segment. I know, I know, it was pretty amazing to say the least. Don't tell anybody, but I'm going to start putting The Daily Show on my résumé & listing Jon Stewart as a professional reference. I'm pretty sure he'll be cool with it.

I don't know how long this link will remain active, but you can see the full segment here:

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - Stealth Care Reform

It's pretty funny. Any time you hear C-SPAN & motherfucking in the same sentence, you'll have a good time.
I Wish Danny DeVito Was My Uncle... PDF Print E-mail
Extra Dose
Written by Jeff   
Thursday, 14 January 2010 13:47

So let's recap:

- I still don't want to see Avatar.
- And I still don't like Twitter.
- DD is awesome & loves the word bang.
- It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is the funniest show on TV.
Surprised Kitty PDF Print E-mail
Extra Dose
Written by Jeff   
Thursday, 17 December 2009 15:35
This video became another internet sensation a little while back. So I thought I'd share it with some of you that maybe haven't seen it yet. Those of you that know me, know I'm a sucker for cut animal videos. So this one was right up my alley. Here's the surprised kitty. Enjoy!

Lamebook PDF Print E-mail
Extra Dose
Written by Jeff   
Tuesday, 15 December 2009 12:31

Recently, I've been enjoying another hilarious website. Just how I did with www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com I'd like to spread the word, and share with you www.lamebook.com I know there are some of you out there that still aren't on facebook. But I imagine -- like me -- the majority of you are. And I'm sure that most of you have seen & read some pretty stupid things over the years. Well lamebook brings together the dumbest & saddest of them all. As you can see in their logo, they show "the funniest and lamest of facebook."

Go ahead & click HERE to check it out. I'm sure you'll find it as enjoyable as I do.

Here's a little taste...

The Salahis were not invited & AI signs with the 76ers: PDF Print E-mail
Extra Dose
Written by Jeff   
Thursday, 03 December 2009 09:28

I've been chomping at the bit to delve into these two important stories. Alright, here we go...

First of all, who gives a shit?

Secondly, who fucking cares?

Okay, I feel better now.
Icebergs near New Zealand? PDF Print E-mail
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Extra Dose
Written by Jeff   
Monday, 30 November 2009 10:52

I saw this last week, and I thought it was pretty wild. I added the football fields to the picture to help reference the size of these huge chunks of ice. Apparently, hundreds of icebergs have floated away from Antarctica, and made the 2,400+ mile journey to be within just a couple hundred miles of New Zealand. And some of them measure more than 650 feet across. Scientist Neal Young said that all of these icebergs came from a much larger piece that broke off of Antarctica; which was probably 11+ square miles in size. Yikes! That can't be a good.

But this isn't exactly an unheard of occurrence. In 2006, large numbers of icebergs floated near New Zealand. But those were the first sightings since 1931. I'm not going to go on a big global warming spcheel. Obviously we are doing things to the Earth that are not good. Our polluting is not only increases air & water temperatures, but is also hurting our air & water quality. We obviously need to take better care of our planet.

What really bugs the shit out of me though, is how "global warming" has become such a divisive topic. Again, like most things these days, there's no gray area. Either you think there's such thing as global warming & that we are hurting Earth. Or you don't, and vehemently deny it's existence. And of course it bleeds into all other social/political arenas. If you "believe" in global warming, then you are a pro-abortion, atheist, socialist, that hates America. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a bit. But I hope we can all agree that we could treat planet Earth better.

Also, I think we can all agree that we want Flight of the Conchords to write a song about these icebergs. Something about Australia throwing global snowballs at them. Sounds good to me.
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