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Extra Dose
Written by Jeff   
Wednesday, 27 January 2010 10:37
So the idea was to pull a prank on the Girl's Basketball Coach, Joel Branstrom. Up for grabs were Final Four tickets. All he had to do was make a half-court shot...blindfolded. Everyone in attendance was in on it. When he inevitably misses the shot, they were told to pretend like he made it & go crazy. The plan was foolproof. Right? Because there's no way in the World he's gonna make a half-court shot, blindfolded. Right?

It almost went perfectly. There was just one problem...

Obviously, he made the shot. Crazy! The problem being, they didn't really have Final Four tickets to give him. Apparently, Joel was pretty cool about everything & had a good sense of humor about it. And now, since the story has gotten so much attention; some Final Four tickets have been donated to him. Good for him, he deserved them.

But wait, there's more...

When all the dust had settled, and everyone was gone. Local Kansas City TV reporter, Rob Low, was covering the story. And like all local news coverage, there had to be a gimmick or stunt involved. Normally, it's a reporter milking a cow, while reporting about a milk recall, or some shit like that. In this case, of course, while Rob -- by the way, no relation to Rob Lowe, star of the 1986 classic, Youngblood -- is doing his report, he throws up a half-court shot too.

But something unexpected happened...

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