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URDD Bowl Game Pool Final Results: PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Jeff   
Friday, 08 January 2010 12:01
Well, it was somewhat of an anticlimactic finish. Although it was cool that it came down to the tiebreaker, I was hoping it would come down to the National Championship game. But only one of you picked Texas anyway. With McCoy going out so early, I was surprised it was as much of a game as it was. I'm not a fan of Texas, but I hated seeing McCoy go out like that. I still think Alabama would've won if McCoy played, but you never know. Alright, most of you probably know already, but here are the final results. Congrats kid_shazam!

kid_shazam: 21-13*
DuffDawg: 21-13
jlutjelu: 20-14
hotstuffler: 20-14
Independent Thought: 19-15
floridagators: 19-15
Rorschach's Revenge: 19-15
philmonica: 19-15
floridag8tor: 18-16
stlope01: 18-16
PaPa: 18-16
bsav21: 18-16
ally2581: 18-16
alterbatman: 17-17
mattbiltswitch: 17-17
Hope: 15-19

*kid_shazam beat out DuffDawg via the tiebreaker. The final score of the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl was 47-20 (67). kid_shazam's point total was 44 and DuffDawg's was 91. So kid_shazam had a 1 point closer guess. It doesn't get any closer than that. Sorry for the tough loss DuffDawg. But that's what you get for picking Georgia Tech. You're a bulldog fan. What were you thinking?

Okay, well thanks for playing. I plan on doing this again next year. It should be fun. Later.
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