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Bowl Game Pool 1/6/10 Update: PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Jeff   
Wednesday, 06 January 2010 10:37
Here we go, 32 of the 34 bowl game have been played now, and we are coming down to the wire. We still have the GMAC Bowl tonight, which will feature Central Michigan vs. Troy.  And then obviously, Texas vs. Alabama will play for the BCS National Championship tomorrow night. Here are the updated standings through last night's Orange Bowl.

hotstuffler: 19-13 (Troy & Alabama)
kid_shazam: 19-13 (Central Michigan & Alabama)
PaPa: 18-14* (Troy & Texas)
DuffDawg: 19-13**
Independent Thought: 18-14
jlutjelu: 18-14
philmonica: 17-15
floridagators: 17-15
Rorschach's Revenge: 17-15
floridag8tor: 16-16
bsav21: 16-16
ally2581: 16-16
stlope01: 16-16
mattbiltswitch: 15-17
alterbatman: 15-17
Hope: 14-18

Unfortunately, any of you that are 16-16 or worse, you've been officially mathematically eliminated. Sorry, I wish you better luck next year.

Also, based on the remaining picks: Independent Thought, jlutjelu, philmonica, floridagators & Rorschach's Revenge can't win. Because your picks for the final two games are the same as either hotstuffler's & kid_shazam's.

*PaPa holds the tiebreaker over hotstuffler.
**DuffDawg picked the last two games the same as kid_shazam, but kid_shazam holds the tiebreaker (by 1 point).

So, let me use my incredible skills of logic, to break it down for you.

If Central Michigan wins tonight, it's over, kid_shazam wins.
If Troy & Alabama win, hotstuffler wins.
If Troy & Texas win, PaPa wins.

I'll put up the final results & officially announce the winner on Friday. Good luck to all those still in the running.
Comments (1)
1 Thursday, 07 January 2010 00:33
kid frickin' shazam. i'll be blastin' some wu in your honor and drinkin' some 40's of king cobra (which i found at the 7 eleven a block away). well done sir. well done.
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