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Channel John Lennon for a moment & just imagine... PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Jeff   
Tuesday, 05 January 2010 10:39
...a World with a D-I football playoff system. Yeh, yeh, we'll eventually get to "living for today" & "living life in peace." Let's fix the BCS first though. I've been enjoying the bowl games, but imagine how much more incredible they'd be if some of them meant even more. I noticed something yesterday that I thought was interesting. I hear all the time that the bowl system is so great & revs up so much interest, and that a playoff would ruin that.

Well, let's test that theory. My favorite show on ESPN is PTI. They cover all the big stories going on in sports. So I was watching yesterday's show, and you know what I noticed after it finished? Following a huge week/weekend of college football bowl games, including the Rose Bowl & Sugar Bowl. Guess how much time they spent talking about any of that. The answer would be 0 minutes & 0 seconds. You know why? Because in the end, 33 of the 34 bowl games really don't matter & they have no bearing on the National Championship.

It's so obvious that a playoff is needed. I'm getting a bit tired/frustrated talking about it, but I won't stop. Following the Fiesta Bowl last night, I began thinking about how huge next weekend would be if there was a playoff. So I mocked-up a little bracket, just for the hell of it. I'm in favor of an 8-team playoff & I'm not in favor of having any byes. So this isn't exactly what I want. Ideally, Ohio State & Oregon would also be involved, but like I said, this was just a quick idea, using 6 teams. But again, anything like this would be better than the BCS. Where you have Boise State go 14-0 -- defeating the Pac-10 Champion, Oregon, and the Mountain West Champion, TCU; along with 4 other bowl teams -- yet they won't even sniff a share of the National Championship. And they sure as hell won't be given the opportunity to win one on the field.

Okay, that's enough, I'm done. Even though it's frustrating, I love looking at & daydreaming about stuff like this. What can I can say? I'm a glutton for punishment. Just imagine...
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1 Thursday, 07 January 2010 12:18
OMG . . .this is not a good idea. It would add 2 additional games to the bowl season - which would be soooo overwhelming for the NCAA to put together. Also, those two games could be in cities not currently featuring bowl games and why would anyone want to bring money to those areas. Besides, I'm sure the major cable networks could make a few bucks, but have these added games my interfere with my weekly Will & Grace night and I can't miss an episode or I won't know what's going on.
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