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Another BCS mini-rant... PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Jeff   
Tuesday, 08 December 2009 10:37
Hopefully you get the point of the gif to the right. Okay, let's move on. So the college football regular season & conference championship games have come to a close. Here are a few things we learned this weekend:

- Florida is not the best team in country.
- If you didn't know who Nebraska's Suh was, you do now.
- Alabama is better than I -- and most people -- thought.
- USC lost its 4th game of the season, and dropped out of the AP top 25. Holy shit, that's crazy!
- The BCS is complete bullshit.
- The people running the BCS are cowards.

Well, I guess the last two points were already known. And it sure as hell was reinforced Sunday night when the BCS match-ups were announced. As we knew going in, the winner of the SEC championship would play Texas, if they won. And while the outcome of the Big 12 championship was much, much closer than expected; the effect on the BCS was the same.

We already knew the Rose Bowl was going to be Ohio State vs. Oregon. We knew the loser of the SEC championship would go to the Sugar Bowl. We knew the winner of the ACC championship would go to the Orange Bowl. But what we didn't know, was how the rest would fill out. Well, in typical BCS fashion, they fucked it up. They send Iowa to the Orange Bowl, to face Georgia Tech. And they send Big East champions, Cincinnati, to face Florida in the Sugar Bowl.

Who does that leave?

It leaves the two non-BCS conference teams to face each other in the Fiesta Bowl: TCU & Boise State.

First of all, don't give me the bullshit response that the BCS selection committee doesn't create the match-ups. That they are chosen one by one by the bowls themselves. I understand that's how we are explained it takes place. But you know as well as I that this reeks of backroom dealings, dirty handshakes and mutually beneficial decisions. It's funny, on one hand, they won't give schools like TCU, Boise State & Utah the chance to play for the National Championship. Yet, they are too scared to play them.

Dear BCS, if you're going to continue to screw them out of a chance to play them for the National Championship, at least let them take on some of YOUR other conference champions. Let TCU & Boise State take on YOUR automatic BCS teams Cincinnati & Georgia Tech. Don't be a bitch and pit them against each other. I guess it's going to take more time. These schools from the Mountain West & WAC need to further prove themselves. But how are they going to prove themselves to you and the rest of the nation by beating each other? Let me show you why you are scared. Here are teams from BCS conferences that TCU, Utah, Boise State & BYU have beaten in recent years.

TCU: Oklahoma, Cincinnati, Texas Tech, Arizona, Clemson, Stanford (2x), Vanderbilt, Louisville (2x), South Florida, Iowa State, Northwestern (2x), Baylor (2x) and Virginia.

Utah: Alabama, Oregon, Michigan, Pittsburgh, California, Arizona (2x), Texas A&M, Oregon State, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Louisville (2x), North Carolina and Indiana.

Boise State: Oklahoma, Oregon (2x), Oregon State (2x), Iowa State.

BYU: Oklahoma, Oregon, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame, Arizona, UCLA (2x), Washington and Syracuse.

How much more do they have to prove? I'm not saying Alabama & Texas don't deserve to play for the National Championship. But I am saying that you can't look college football fans in the eye(s) and tell them that the other 3 undefeated teams (TCU, Cincinnati & Boise State) don't deserve a chance. And I hope all you TCU fans out there noticed that Cincinnati jumped TCU in the final BCS rankings. So even if Texas would have lost to Nebraska, TCU still wouldn't have got a shot.

There is something inherently wrong with this system. It's corrupt and too much about the money. Are you telling me that a playoff wouldn't make more money? Bullshit. We can keep the Konica Minolta Gator Bowl, Little Caesars Bowl, Meineke Car Care Bowl, and the rest of them. At least give the top 8 teams a chance to play for true National Championship.

Until my next rant, goodbye.
Comments (2)
2 Thursday, 10 December 2009 10:42
Oh, poor Syracuse. I must admit, I cringed a little bit when I put them down (along with Vanderbilt & Iowa State). But this just reinforces my point. It's ridiculous that teams like Duke, Baylor, Connecticut, among others, are in conferences with an automatic bid. But teams like the 4 I mentioned, have been proving themselves for a decade, yet they are left out. By the way, does McNabb have a little brother? Maybe he can bring the 'Cuse back to prominence (or should I say relevance).
1 Wednesday, 09 December 2009 23:47
You had me until you put Syracuse down as a team that BYU beat. Beating Syracuse just about any time after 1996 proves that you had 11 people with pulses to get out on the field. I think we lost to Akron last year, and only beat Maine this season by about 10 points. Maine... they have a football team apparently.

While I love your argument, and think putting the top 8 in a playoff system, while still having the Quaker Oats GMC BankOne Diamond Walnut Bowl to watch in between playoff games would be a great idea, the wheels came off when you mention my beloved trainwreck of a football program.

I also think playoffs would keep the teams fresh. Did you realize there will be 33 days between games for UT & Alabama? That's crazy. It's too long.
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