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Written by Jeff   
Tuesday, 01 December 2009 12:50
Oh boy, it's seems like it was just yesterday when I was complaining about the BCS last year. I just wanted to send out another message to all those who are still in favor of the current BCS system. Yes, I know, it's hard to believe they are still out there. As some of you may know, I'm currently working on a much more in-depth playoff system, that I plan on sending to school presidents & the like (trust me, I know it's pointless & I'm wasting my time). But for the time being, I've come up with a much simpler system.

BCS lovers & haters should both love this. For those of you -- like me -- that are dying to see a playoff, this is it. And for those of you that love the BCS, this system is completely based on those rankings. Simple as it can be. The top 8 teams in the BCS rankings play it out on the field, like it should be.

There are a few things that have to happen this week. But for arguments sake, let's assume that Oregon defeats Oregon State, and Cincinnati defeats Pittsburgh (the records below account for that). Now let's get real. Of the 6 teams that are currently undefeated, only 3 of them control their own destiny. The winner of the SEC Championship will be in the title game. And if Texas wins the Big 12 Championship, they will be in. TCU, Cincinnati & Boise State all need other teams to lose; and even that won't guarantee anything.

The other omission in the system would be the conference championship games. But how is it fair that only half the BCS conferences have a championship game? How is it fair that for the second year in a row, the #1 & #2 teams in the nation have to eliminate one another in their own conference championship game? Unless the other 3 BCS conferences are going to add teams to get up to 12 teams, and add a conference championship game, it's not fair to the 3 conferences that currently have to go through that.

If we are stuck with the BCS, let's at least use it in a better way. We have a 12 game regular season. After that point, we take the top 8 ranked teams from the BCS & they play for the championship. Check it out. It looks amazing to me. I think you'll agree. And if I hear a BCS-backer complain, "what about the #9 ranked team..." -- I'm going to scream. If you're upset that the #9 ranked team gets left out, yet, you are in favor of a system that currently only give 2 teams a chance, give me a break. Now feast your eyes on this...

Comments (2)
2 Saturday, 12 December 2009 13:46
Of course, I completely agree with you. A playoff would be huge & insanely popular. The arguments of more injuries & effect on the school year is complete bullshit. Then how is it that ALL other levels of college football do a playoff? Like in Division I-AA, the teams that make it to the championship game play a total of 16 games. So they can do it, but the bigger schools/players can't? It's all bullshit. I hope it eventually happens. It would be amazing!
1 Thursday, 03 December 2009 19:14
I hate seeing posts like this because there is no playoff. Why the hell not?? The pro's vs. con's on this one seem greatly one-sided. The best argument against it is the risk of injury. But really, an exaggerated version of this argument would be why play football at all. In any given game, someone can get hurt so why play. If the statistics show that 4% of players get hurt during 12 games and 9% of players get hurt during >12 games (made these stats up - not actual) - then there could be an argument.

With the above playoff, I would watch every game and be on the edge of my seat. There could be great storylines from upsets, domination, etc. So thanks a lot Jeff, this is another Christmas wish from yours truly that isn't happening - btw a UF/TCU matchup would be intriguing - two great defensive matchups.
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