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The Ricky Gervais Show Podcasts PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Jeff   
Tuesday, 20 October 2009 13:56

I was a little bit late to the world of podcasts. But now that I'm listening to them, I can't get enough. My favorite one is The Ricky Gervais Show. This podcast is done by Gervais (on the right in each picture above), Stephen Merchant (middle), and Karl Pilkington (left). You may know Gervais & Merchant as the co-creators of the original The Office (which aired on BBC, and can now be seen on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim). They also collaborated on another amazing show, which aired on HBO, Extras. You may also recognize Gervais from his more mainstream movies, Ghost Town, and more recently, The Invention of Lying.

The Ricky Gervais Show Podcasts didn't start until 2005. But Gervais & Merchant did have a background in broadcasting, even going back to before they created The Office. For a brief period, they did a show on Xfm London, an alternative radio station. Then, after a little bit of a hiatus -- in which they completed the first season of The Office -- they returned to Xfm in 2001. This go around, they were put together with producer, Karl Pilkington. As time went on, Karl became more & more a part of the show. They were fascinated by Karl, and would ask him his thoughts on whatever they were talking about. By 2003, Karl was a permanent fixture of the show.

I've only heard a little bit of their older radio shows. But I'm currently going through & listening to every second of their podcasts. I honestly can't explain why I like it so much. There's really nothing incredibly special going on; but it's still amazing to me. Really, about 75% of the show is just Ricky & Stephen asking Karl questions & making fun of him; but it's great. They just have a very unique chemistry, and I love their senses of humor. They have re-occurring segments like: Monkey News, Karl's Diary, Knob News, Rockbusters, Educating Ricky, and Karl's Poetry. The more I listen to it, I too am becoming increasingly fascinated & somewhat obsessed with Karl. He is a very strange fellow, and has a very different way of looking at the world.

If you are a listener of podcasts, and have not heard of or listened to this show, I highly recommend it. They've completed a total of 5 seasons. And they've also released their first series of "Guides to...": Medicine, Natural History, The Arts, Philosophy, and The English. The second series of their guides will begin to become available this November; staring with, Society. Then, Law & Order and The Future to eventually follow.

If you are curious or interested, you can get more information at www.rickygervais.com/podcasts2.php
which is subsection of Ricky Gervais' website www.rickygervais.com/index.php

Hopefully you enjoy it as much as me. Later.
Comments (1)
1 Tuesday, 20 October 2009 16:51
That's a really great podcast. One that I've been really into lately as well is The Adam Carolla Podcast. Adam, from Love Line and The Man Show fame, sits down with celebrities and comedians and just talks to them for 45 minutes to an hour. It's incredibly funny and very interesting to see some of these peoples views on things. I think everybody should check it out.
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