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Candy Jackpot! PDF Print E-mail
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Extra Dose
Written by Jeff   
Thursday, 15 October 2009 10:50
Don't you love Halloween time? Usually, no matter where you're at, there are bowls of candy laying around. Well, I had something pretty special happen to me the other day. I grabbed a little 2-pack of starbursts from a bowl of candy at work. Every time I open one of these, I'm always hoping that there's at least 1 pink one. Obviously -- unless you're color blind or a little slow on the uptake -- the package I picked had 2 pinks in it. Holy shit, I was stunned and overcome with joy (I know, that's a little sad).

As I savored the orgasm in my mouth -- wait, that came out wrong. I was thinking about the odds of this pink-pink surprise happening. With the 4 different flavors, there are 10 different combinations possible. So in actuality, I've got a 10% chance of this happening; those odds were higher than I thought they'd be. Through all my Halloweens & all the starbursts I've eaten, I've never gotten pink-pink until now. I swear they put less pinks per package just to screw with me.

This made me think again a/b a concept I dreamed about years ago. In the case of starbursts, obviously the pinks are the best. Similarly -- according to me -- the best skittle is the red one. Now just think, how awesome would it be if starbusts & skittles came in 1 flavor packages? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the other flavors of both. But getting a package of starbursts with all pinks, or a bag of skittles with all reds, would be funking amazing. I'll leave you with that mouth-watering thought.
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