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IMC 8/5/09 answer(s) PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Jeff   
Thursday, 13 August 2009 09:09

So here are the answers to last week's Invisible Movie Challenge. I gave the common theme as a hint on facebook a few days ago, but that didn't help. Or more likely, nobody really cared, so it went unanswered, lol. The common theme is that for each movie, the main star also directed the film. Well, for what it's worth, here are the movies. Starting at the top left & moving clockwise: Braveheart, Buffalo '66, Leatherheads & Do the Right Thing. Braveheart starred & was directed by Mel Gibson, Buffalo '66 by Vincent Gallo, Leatherheads by George Clooney, and Do the Right Thing by Spike Lee. I'm sure most of you have seen Braveheart & Do the Right Thing, if you haven't, I highly recommend you do, they are both amazing. Buffalo '66, on the other hand, I imagine most people haven't see. I loved it, but it's probably not for everybody. I would still recommend you check it out though. Leatherheads...eh, it was okay. Alright, well, until next time.
Comments (2)
2 Friday, 14 August 2009 09:14
I wish I could take credit for that. It's some nifty photoshopping I assume. There are multiple websites that have them. I just pick & choose specific ones to put these IMCs together. It's pretty cool how somebody can do that though.
1 Thursday, 13 August 2009 11:03
My questions is, how do you get their heads to disappear?
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