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First Ever Caption Contest Winners PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 27 February 2009 12:01
This week was the 14th Caption Contest; and even though they have always been called "contests," I've yet to announce any winners...until now. I know, I know, I'm excited too, but we all need to settle down and stay in control. In the future, I will do my best to at least announce winners at the end of every month. I am going to list the winners of 10 of the first 13 Caption Contests. You might ask why only 10. That's because there were no participants for 3 of them (#1, #4 and #5). Well, I shouldn't say that. There were participants, but unfortunately, when www.urdailydose.com was upgraded to the new layout, all comments were lost. If anybody wants to go back and put a caption on either #1, #4 &/or #5, I will select winners for those in the future (hopefully some of you can remember what you put before, b/c I remember there being some really funny ones).
As far as what you win. Don't get too excited, it's nothing huge...but it is something. At the beginning I didn't plan on having any prizes. You would win the recognition of your sense of humor, from other participants & I. But as I was selecting the winners, I decided to give out at least a little prize. So, every weekly Caption Contest winner will win a free MP3. Like I said, I know, not to special, but hey, it's something. I know some (or most of you) might not pay for music at all. If that's the case, I'm open to suggestions for other prizes; then the winners could have a choice. But for now, you win the MP3 of your choice. Just e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it giving me the band/artist & the song title (also include if there is a specific version). Ok, well here we go, drum roll please...(now wipe the spit off your screen & read below).

Caption Contests #1, #4 and #5:

As I said, no official submissions yet. So go back to them & play, and I'll select winners in the future.

Caption Contests #2, #3 and #6:
These 3 only had one submission each, so they sort of won by default, buy they are still great submissions. I believe there were lost submissions for these 3 also (from the upgrade). And while I encourage you to go back and put something on these as well; these are still the official winners.

#2 Winner: ally2581 - "I just wanted to get you in shape honey! This is the latest trend in personal training. So you better finish your set of pull-ups or he will shoot!"
#3 Winner: ally2581 - "I thought I was the only one that used my cheeks for storage!"
#6 Winner: pspence - "It makes sense that Sasquatch would be an Earnhardt fan."

Caption Contests #7 - #13:

#7 Winner: Hotstuffler - "It shall be a sausage feast!"
#8 Winner: Starr - Steel workers get better every year - this one is still floating."
#9 Winner: Hotstuffler - "Snow Balls."
#10 Winner: floridag8tor - "INSTRUCTIONS: Blow on the back of the "Xbox" game and then do not push the game all the way into the housing, but just barely enough for it to fit and then push down. When you hear a click, press the power button. If the screen keeps flickering, then repeat instructions from the beginning. If not, enjoy your 'Xbox'."
#11 Winner: IndependentThought - "Reference page 165, section 12, subsection e of the 2009 Economic Bailout...free bananas on Wednesday!!!"
#12 Winner: sbk0416 - "Though the tough times have effected us all, things have been looking especially bleak for Santa."
#13 Winner: PaPa - "When doing business with 'The Don' you can rest assured knowing, when all is said and done you will be down and out."

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